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Strategic business energy, carbon and environmental support

Read what some of my clients say about me:

Helping a dairy farm with big energy bills

"I own a family-run dairy farm on the Devon-Cornwall border. For a number of reasons, the contract we had with our electricity provider had fallen into arrears, locking us into an uncompetitive rate. Keith successfully negotiated an 18-month payback period with our existing supplier to spread the cost of clearing the arrears manageably for us."

Once cleared, he then found us a supply contract that reduced our electricity costs to less than half what they were. The savings he identified for us go straight onto improving our bottom line and, with milk prices being so tight, they make a significant difference to our margin and our sustainability."

RA, Dairy Farmer, Devon

Keeping the lights on at a rural community chapel

"Energy use represents a significant running cost to a rural Methodist Chapel and, relying as we do on donations for a large part of our revenue, we could not have endured without Keith's assistance. Keith helped us understand how our energy was being used and what options were available to us to reduce those costs; through changing energy supplier and simple efficiency measures."

DT, Chapel Treasurer, Devon